News and updates

Please read the below for any news or updates regarding your WordPress website. If you have any queries please contact us using the form below

News and updates

Please read the below for any news or updates regarding your WordPress website. If you have any queries please contact us using the form below

For the month of September only!

As a web design company, we are offering a special next month to get you ready for 2021.
From R989, we will redesign your website with your existing content.
Need newly updated text, images or a short video added… no worries, we can do that for you!
Let us know what you are looking to add and we will send you a hassle-free quote 😁
Terms and conditions apply
  • The website has to be hosted with us for the cost to apply.
  • The website must be hosted by us for no less than 24 months.
  • For eCommerce or any specialized designed websites, the cost may need to be adjusted to accommodate for any adjustments.
  • Hosting options are available if not hosted by us, please contact us regarding this.

Why is website maintenance important?

Website maintenance is just as important as drinking your first cup of coffee. If you want to keep your website safe and secure, you will need to do regular website maintenance, theme versions and plugin update checks, these need to be updated in order to prevent your site from breaking or compromising your site’s security.

Unfortunately, what happens next is your website starts falling further down the Google rabbit hole and your website will become incompatible with any new updated versions and a security breach may be highly possible. Our packages ensure that your website with all your plugins is updated and that you always have the latest working version of your theme and WordPress installed.


Just a heads up to let you know that we are forced to upgrade all our WordPress websites to the newest stable versions of PHP 7.2 and higher… the older PHP versions will no longer be supported and has some security concerns. If you would like us to schedule the upgrade for after hours, as you may be doing your own edits during the day, please inform us so we can make the necessary changes during a scheduled time that you prefer.

We will also be running a backup of the entire website before and after we have completed the upgrade.

These benefits are good for you, and good for your website’s visitors.

Why PHP Matters To You As A WordPress User?

PHP is the coding language WordPress is built on, and its version is set at the server-level by your hosting company. Whilst you may be familiar with the importance of keeping WordPress, and your themes and plugins up-to-date, keeping PHP up-to-date is just as important.

There are two main benefits to keeping PHP up-to-date

  1. Your website will be faster as the latest version of PHP is more efficient. Updating to the latest supported version can deliver a huge performance increase; up to 3 or 4x faster for older versions.
  2. Your website will be more secure. PHP, like WordPress, is maintained by its community. Because PHP is so popular, it is a target for hackers – but the latest version will have the latest security features. Older versions of PHP do not have this, so updating is essential to keep your WordPress site secure.

There are a number of secondary benefits

  • A faster WordPress website will be rewarded by search engines, so you’ll rank higher in search!
  • A faster website will retain visitors better (they’ll leave if it takes too long to load), making your website more effective.
  • A more secure website is better protected against hackers, and the cost and reputational damage associated with a hacked website.

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